What ZLP Athletes say about Tyler

"Good leader, I trust him to make me the best version of myself on and off the field."

"He's in this business for the right reasons. Cares about your future as a person & athlete. Extremely professional."

"Posture is a game changer. Whatever I'm feeling, I know he can help."

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"Very informative when it comes to every aspect of our program. I appreciate that he leads by example."

"His attention to detail is on point. Never misses a beat. On days I don't feel like being there, his energy and drive quickly changes that."

"I've been through 5 organizations, he is the very best I have worked with."

What ZLP Athletes say about Christian

Tyler Skovron

CEO/Director of Functional Performance

Dubbed the "posture specialist" by Braves lefty pitcher (and former Texas Ranger) Cole Hamels, Skovron spent years fine-tuning the Zero Limits  Performance method and working with clients to improve fitness, alignment, balance and overall athleticism.

Hamels hired Skovron to help make his exercises more efficient. "I stuck to that 5-6 days a week," he said. "I also changed my strength program, it allowed me to utilize and identify my mechanics a little better, getting back to when I felt at my best. Over a period of time, your body doesn't allow you to do that. You get stronger, but you're not utilizing everything that you have." 

After working with Skovron, Cubs infielder David Bote said, "People said I now look bigger and say how much weight I’ve put on. I really haven’t put on extra weight. I’m better stacked. I’m more open in the chest area and not so rounded, more vertical. I can move easier and have better range of motion."  After working with the posture specialist, Bote was quoted saying he measured two inches taller. 

Tyler has nearly 15 years of hands-on experience. Skovron, who once worked with golfers to achieve balance between body and swing, transitioned to baseball in 2017 and has worked with more than 50 MLB and MiLB athletes.

Fun Fact: Senior Superlative - Best Storyteller

Christian Ballard

COO/Director of Strength Performance

Christian has been passionate about Performance and Fitness for the majority of his life. Although his Athletic career ended before he was able to accomplish his goals, his love for the weight room continued. This passion led him to the fitness industry where he served two years as a Fitness Director/Operations Manager before following his passion for Athletic Performance and becoming a Certified Physical Preparation Specialist (CPPS).

He has since added the Advanced Athletic Preparation Specialist (CPPS 2), Functional Movement Screen (FMS2), Certified Weightlifting Performance Coach (CWPC), Certified Speed and Agility Coach (CSAC), Dynamic Variable Resistance Training (DVRT), and Precision Nutrition (PN1) certifications to his “tool belt”.

These areas of specialization allow Christian to develop and enhance his athletes specific needs at various stages of their athletic careers.

Christian believes that everyone should be able experience life to the fullest and never be held back by physical limitations. He aims to equip people with the knowledge and tools to reach their fullest potential and will continue to improve clients lives through movement and performance.

Fun Fact: Senior Superlative - Most Athletic